Mermay 2020 (1 minute gestures)

That’s a wrap!

Here are all 31 of my #1minutegestures for #mermay this year! - It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster to say the least and I initially set the 1 minute challenge to myself as it was the only thing that felt somewhat manageable after dealing with poor health within this household... BUT!! Midway through May, things started to get better and I’ve been working on a cool project professionally and also working on the personal project to build my twitch channel which I am SOOOOO grateful of having the time to try because the community spirit on there is something on a completely different level and has been so heartwarming and wholesome!! ❤️ For this... I am very grateful! #silverlinings #mermay2020 #mermayroundup #wacommermay2020